Here are some of the game projects I have worked on.

Legends of Kesmai

LOK title screen

Ancient dragons lie dreaming atop mountains of gold and jewels. Communities of beligerent humanoids live underground. Foul, undead creatures lurk in abandoned cemeteries. Wizards, thieves, fighters and other adventurers explore mysterious cliff-top cities or delve deep into the twisting catacombs that lie underground. This is Legends of Kesmai -- where power and glory may be within the length of a broadsword -- and defeat, even death, within a dagger's reach. Either alone or with other players, you can now embark on one of the grandest multiplayer adventures of all time!

Legends of Kesmai is a continuation of the classic multiplayer, role-playing game Island of Kesmai. It provides a never-ending series of quests for glory and forays for treasure. Come explore the vast Legends of Kesmai - over 100,000 square feet of area populated by hordes of evil creatures.

Legends of Kesmai (LOK) was a FRPG based on the original Island of Kesmai (IOK) by Kelton Flinn and John Taylor. IOK was once of the first online games I ever played, back in the CompuServe days. It inspired me to want to make online games, so it was pretty cool to be able to produce the sequel.

LOK was shut down by in 2000. At the time the game still had an active but small community, around 1,000 players I would estimate. I was there the night it came down with players I have known for years. You know, you really get some insight into human nature at the end of the world. I think we’ll be ok.

LOK’s ghost is restless and still haunts the net.

BattleTech: 3025

BattleTech: 3025 screen shot

Multiplayer BattleTech: 3025 is a unique gaming experience that puts the players in control of the game universe in a way that has never been attempted before. Players in 3025 are able to join one of the five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere: Liao, Marik, Steiner, Kurita, and Davion. Each House has room for over 10,000 players. Players then mobilize their virtual armies to take planets held by other Houses. Each player, from the lowly green recruit to the House High command plays an indispensable part in the wars that are to come.

Alas, this game didn’t survive either. However, the story of this game is much older than that and it is not all mine to tell. I will say that I was privileged to be awarded the Medal Excalibur by House Davion.

This press is from after my departure in March 2001. I was happy to work with most of the team again at Lodestone Games.


Driving Force

Driving Force screen shot

Driving Force is an online, massively multiplayer car combat game set in a not so distant future. Players take on the role of mercenary drivers employed by competing MegaCorps. These MegaCorps need cargo delivered, vehicles escorted, and dirty work done. As players complete missions, their characters rise in level and receive upgrade points. Players can use these upgrade points to purchase new vehicles, weapons, and equipment.

Driving Force supports multiplayer vehicles. Players can choose to hit the road alone as a driver or have another player act as a gunner. Players receive the same rewards for the mission with both roles and they can switch back and forth between these roles freely.

The initial release covers major Interstate Highways of the Northeastern United States, from Maine to Maryland. The roads are inspired by but only loosely based on their real-life interstate counterparts. Players can travel freely on the open road and have chance encounters with other players. Players can design their own vehicles or buy an existing design and modify it, replacing weapon and defensive systems, engines, transmissions, armor, tires, and more. Players can also customize the appearance of their vehicles at the paint shop.

To this day, I don’t understand why this game was cancelled by Sony Online! We were half way through the project, hitting every development milestone on time. The game was looking great. We had a fun playable demo. All feedback from them up to this point was positive. Then one day they pulled the plug. I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Lodestone Games Website

Fossil Hunt

Fossil Hunt screen shot

Fossil Hunt allows the player to experience the essence of life as a field paleontologist. The game attempts to capture the feel of the science from field work to examining specimens in the lab. The player will learn about where fossils are found in the world, what types of rocks to find them in, the techniques used to collect fossils, and the gross anatomical differences between major classifications of dinosaurs. Fossil Hunt should appeal to dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Fossil Hunt is still a work in progress! I have programmed a working prototype, which you can see more of here.