Fossil Hunt

Here are some more screenshots from the Fossil Hunt prototype.

This is the main menu. From here you can access the museum, where you can view the fossils you have already found and attempt to arrange them into a complete skeleton.

Digging up fossils! Clicking uses the currently selected tool. There will be big tools like shovel, which remove dirt quickly but are inaccurate, down to a dentist's pick for extracting delicate fossils from the matrix. Your dig will only last so many days, and some days it may rain, so you need to dig quickly.. but not too quickly!

Here you can see the ground coloration changing based on the strata of the rock. The doohickey in the upper left is a compass.

This was also my first attempt at 3D modelling. I used Milkshape to construct the geometry of each bone and then assembled them into the whole skeleton using Calgari trueSpace 6.